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Teaching Someone to Drive with a Full Motorbike Licence

Full Motorbike Licence

The short answer is yes. If a pupil is looking to take driving lessons and owns a full motorbike licence you can accept this in place of a provisional licence. It is worth noting that there is no specific licence for motorcycles or mopeds. Once you pass your motorcycle or moped test, you will give up your provisional licence and receive a standard driving licence instead. This will include the category for motorcycles or mopeds, indicating that you are allowed to drive these types of vehicles. 


This can be checked on the back of the driving licence, where the categories a person is entitled to drive will be shown. It will also include the pass date for the category and the expiration date of the licence. 


Category A and B licences


Motorbikes and mopeds are classed as category A vehicles and once you successfully pass your motorbike/moped driving test you will exchange your provisional licence for a category A drivers licence. 


Cars are classed as category B vehicles and therefore your licence will be updated to reflect this once you pass your driving test. 



Does driving a motorbike make it easier to learn to drive a car?


Learning to ride a motorbike and obtaining a full motorbike licence can be extremely beneficial for those looking to learn how to drive a car.


Firstly, the skills and knowledge gained from learning to ride a motorbike can translate directly to driving a car. Both require a strong understanding of road rules and safety, as well as the ability to anticipate and react to hazards. Motorbike riding also requires a high level of concentration and awareness, which can be helpful when operating any vehicle.


Furthermore, the knowledge of both the rules of the road and The Highway Code learned in order to pass your motorcycle test is extremely beneficial when sitting the theory part of your driving test.


Additionally, the physical coordination and control needed to ride a motorbike can help improve your driving skills. Operating the clutch, gears, and brakes on a motorbike can improve your hand-eye coordination and dexterity, making it easier to handle a car.


The skills and knowledge gained from motorbike riding can directly translate to operating a car, and having a full motorbike licence can make the process of learning to drive a car more efficient and potentially save time and money.

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