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Step by Step Guide to Applying for Your Provisional Driver Licence

Provisional Driver Licence

Obtain your UK provisional driving licence by following these steps: check your eligibility, gather your identity documents, get a provisional licence application form, submit your application and pay the fee, wait for your provisional driving licence to arrive, take the theory test, and take the practical test. Find out more on the UK government website and prepare with resources such as the Highway Code book and DVLA practise tests.


To obtain a UK provisional driving licence, you must:

  1. Check your eligibility by meeting the age and residence requirements and having the ability to read a number plate from 20 metres.
  2. Gather your identity documents, including a valid passport or national identity card, proof of your address, birth certificate, and National Insurance number.
  3. Get a provisional licence application form either online or from the Post Office and fill it out.
  4. Submit your application and pay the fee of £34 if applying online or £43 if applying by post.
  5. Wait for your provisional driving licence to arrive, which can take up to three weeks.
  6. Take the theory test at an approved test centre, using resources such as the Highway Code book, official DVLA practise tests, and online theory test training courses to prepare.
  7. Take the practical test, which assesses your driving skills and ability to safely control a vehicle.


Useful websites for more information and resources include:


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