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Passing the ADI Driving Instructional Ability Test: The Complete Guide (Part 3)

A DVSA examiner will watch as you complete a client-centered driving lesson, your pupil must drive for a minimum duration of 40 minutes of the lesson, the overall lesson will last around 45 minutes, giving you 3 minutes at the start and end of the lesson to discuss the lesson goals and reflect on the lesson with the pupil. 


When can I apply for my part 3 ADI Instructional Ability Test

This is the final test you must pass in order to qualify as an ADI. You are eligible to book your ADI part 3 test once you have successfully passed your ADI part 2 test. 


Click here to book your part 3 test:

What should I bring to my test?

For your test, you are required to bring the following items:

  • Your valid UK driving licence
  • A suitable vehicle
  • A pupil


Additionally, it is recommended to bring a record of the training you have completed to qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).


Please note that failure to bring the above will result in your test being cancelled and you will not be refunded so it is important that you are prepared. 


Who qualifies as a ‘pupil’?

According to the UK Government a pupil is classified as: 

  • A partly trained learner
  • A fully trained learner
  • A full licence holder


However, your student cannot be:

  • A beginner who has just started learning to drive
  • An Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or someone preparing to take the ADI Part 3 test.


How much does the test cost?

The ADI Part 3 Instructional Ability test costs £111. 


What does the test consist of?

You will be marked on 17 competency areas that are grouped into the below three categories: 

  • Lesson planning 
  • Risk management
  • Teaching and learning strategies 


You will be scored from 0 to 3 for each of the 17 competencies and will be awarded a grade at the end of the test. 



After the part 3 lesson is complete, the examiner will talk through your performance and present you with your result. You will receive your grade in addition to your completed ADI part 3 test report form. 


A breakdown of grades can be seen below:


  • Total score of 0-30 = Fail, your performance is unsatisfactory and you will not join the ADI register
  • 31-42 = Grade B, you are now allowed to join the ADI register
  • 43-51 = Grade A, You have demonstrated a high standard of instruction and can now join the ADI register


If you pass

Once you have passed all three tests you must register for your first ADI certificate within 12 months. If you fail to do so you will need to pass all three qualifying tests again. This costs £300 and you can apply on the government website

Once you have this certificate and are a fully qualified ADI, you are eligible for an ADI account on YooDrive and can start to accept pupils on the platform, build your reputation and accumulate reviews. 


If you fail 

You will automatically fail the test if you:

  • Receive a score of 7 or less within the ‘risk management’ category
  • The lesson is stopped by your examiner because you have put yourself or someone else in danger 


If you fail on either your first or second attempt you are eligible to take the test again. You will have to book another test and pay to take the test again. This must be booked within 2 years of passing your ADI part 1 test.


Failing on your third attempt

If you fail your ADI part 2 test on your third attempt you will need to retake and pass the ADI part 1 test again. You must wait 2 years from the date you first passed the ADI part 1 test before you are allowed to take it again. 


If you would like to appeal your part 3 ADI test, you can check to see if you are eligible here:

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