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Maximising Your Driving Instructor Profile for Success

Driving Instructor Profile

All DVSA-approved instructors are published on YooDrive, however, it is up to the individual instructor to ‘claim’ their profile and utilise their account to its full potential. Our platform allows you to connect with potential customers and engage existing ones to leave positive reviews, helping you establish a strong online presence within a national Instructor Review/Booking platform.


How to optimise your profile, manage reviews and accept enquiries

Adding a photo


​​It is mandatory to upload a profile photo to both instructor and student YooDrive accounts. This is to facilitate proper identification and to ensure that there is no confusion about who is providing or receiving the lesson. This measure enhances safety and enables us to confirm that the appropriate driver is picking up the correct passenger for the lesson. This allows both parties to ‘put a face to a name’.

In order to ensure your photo meets the platform standards, please read the below requirements. If you upload or change your photo and it does not meet our criteria, you will be contacted and asked to change your photo accordingly. 


Photo Criteria:


  • Ensure your face and neck fits within the photo upload parameters
  • Please ensure you are not wearing any headwear that may make you difficult to recognise in the photo such as sunglasses or a helmet
  • Make sure your profile photo is up to date, or updated, if you have changed your appearance, for example by growing out a beard or changing your hair
  • Ensure that the only person in the photo is you,  for example,  a photo of you and a pupil would not be appropriate
  • Photos of your driving instructor car are not acceptable
  • A photo of your business or company logo will not be accepted
  • No inappropriate photos

Adding the postcodes you cover


When it comes to promoting your business as a driving instructor, one of the most important factors to consider is the postcodes that you are willing to cover for lessons. By updating your profile with all of the postcodes that you currently cover, you can ensure that you are reaching the maximum number of potential clients.

To do this, simply navigate to the “profile” tab on your account and update your postcode coverage. It’s important to note that you will only receive enquiries from the specific postcodes that you have selected, so make sure to include all of the areas that you are willing to travel to.

By being selective about the postcodes that you cover, you can ensure that you are only receiving enquiries from clients that are within a reasonable distance of your location. This can save you both time and money, as you won’t have to travel long distances for lessons. Additionally, it can also help you to establish a reputation as a reputable driving instructor in your local area.


Reviews recognises the significance of trust in creating a robust and dependable community of driving instructors. Our platform is created to promote transparency and accountability among the driving instructor community by providing learners with the ability to leave online reviews. This not only guarantees the safety of our learners but also offers a great opportunity for instructors to promote their business and accumulate positive customer feedback. 

We are dedicated to creating a safe and trustworthy environment for learners and instructors alike. By promoting transparency and accountability through online reviews, we are able to build a strong and dependable community of driving instructors that learners can trust.

For further information on how we monitor reviews, please visit our blog post.

To take advantage, please schedule an appointment with a team member by clicking the link >

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