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Conquer Your Nerves: Driving Lessons for Nervous Drivers

Nervous Drivers

Success is always the other side of fear

Learning to drive can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience, especially for those who are older or have not driven in a while. However, with the right mindset and approach, it’s possible to conquer your nerves and become a confident driver. In this article, we’ll be sharing some tips and advice for nervous drivers, particularly those who may be starting later in life. We’ll cover topics such as setting small goals, embracing mistakes, communicating with your instructor, and strategies for overcoming post-test anxiety. Whether you’re a complete beginner or simply need a refresher, these tips will help you feel more at ease behind the wheel.


Setting Small Goals

When taking driving lessons, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with thoughts of eventually passing your test and driving alone. To ease these nerves, it’s important to set small, achievable goals during each lesson that can be built upon each week. Remember, driving lessons are a long-term process and are designed to take as long as needed to make you feel comfortable.


Embrace Mistakes

Driving mistakes are a natural part of the learning process, even for experienced drivers. You may have seen experienced drivers in your friends and family make mistakes while driving. It’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and it’s normal for them to happen from time to time while learning.


Communicate with your Instructor

All Approved Driving Instructors have gone through training to join the team and are familiar with the stress and nervousness that comes with taking driving lessons and tests. It’s important to communicate with your instructor about how you’re feeling and ask for advice on how to improve. They will understand and be able to tailor lesson plans to suit your needs.


Taking Time to Breathe

Taking a few seconds to control your breathing can have a big impact on your confidence and ability behind the wheel. To calm nerves, try taking slow, deep breaths from the stomach, instead of shallow breaths from the chest.


Overcoming Post-Test Anxiety

Even after passing the driving test, it’s normal to feel anxious about driving alone. Prior to the test, you always had someone by your side to offer tips, guidance, and support. With this level of support no longer there, it’s only natural to feel uneasy. Refresher driving lessons and pass-plus courses are available to help drivers gain confidence in specific areas such as motorway driving, night driving, and different road types and weather conditions.


In Conclusion

Learning to drive can be a challenging experience for some, but with the right mindset and approach, it’s possible to overcome your nerves and become a confident driver. Remember to set small goals, embrace mistakes, communicate with your instructor, and take time to breathe. Additionally, if you’re still feeling uneasy after passing your test, consider taking a refresher course or pass-plus lessons to build confidence in specific areas such as motorway driving or night driving. 


Moreover, resources such as, have a lot of materials such as videos, articles, and mock tests that can help to reduce the anxiety and stress that comes with the learning process, they can be an additional help. Remember, it’s a journey that takes time and patience, but with determination and the right support, you’ll be able to successfully navigate the road ahead.

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