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Behind the Wheel: A Step-by-Step Account of My First Driving Lesson

first driving lesson

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for many young people, but it can also be a nerve-wracking experience. From understanding the rules of the road to getting comfortable behind the wheel, there is a lot to take in during those first driving lessons. As someone who has recently completed their first driving lesson, I want to share my experience and offer some advice to anyone who is just starting out.


First things first, it’s important to find a driving instructor who you feel comfortable with. This is where comes in handy. is a platform that connects learner drivers with vetted and DVSA-approved driving instructors in their local area. You can read reviews from previous learners, compare prices and find an instructor that suits your learning style.


Once you’ve found an instructor, the first lesson will usually involve a discussion of the basics of driving. This will include things like the layout of the car, the importance of checking your mirrors and blind spots, and how to use the clutch and gears. Your instructor will also go over the controls of the car with you and explain how to start and stop the engine.


When you’re ready to start driving, your instructor will guide you through the steps of moving the car off from a stationary position. This will involve finding the biting point of the clutch, releasing the handbrake and applying gentle pressure to the accelerator. It’s important to take this process slowly and carefully, as it can be easy to stall the car or roll backwards if you’re not paying attention.


As you start to move, your instructor will encourage you to focus on your surroundings and keep an eye on what’s happening on the road. This means checking your mirrors frequently, signalling when necessary, and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles. Your instructor will give you feedback throughout the lesson, helping you to identify areas where you need to improve and offering tips on how to build your confidence.


One thing I found really helpful during my first lesson was having a clear plan of what we were going to cover. My instructor had a structured approach to the lesson, which helped me to feel more in control and less overwhelmed. We started with basic manoeuvres like steering and braking, before moving on to more advanced skills like changing gears and navigating roundabouts.


Throughout the lesson, it’s important to stay calm and focused. It can be easy to feel nervous or anxious, especially if you’re in heavy traffic or navigating busy roads. But remember that your instructor is there to support you and guide you through the process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek clarification if there’s something you don’t understand.


At the end of the lesson, your instructor will usually give you feedback on your performance and suggest areas where you can improve. They may also set homework or suggest additional resources to help you build your skills between lessons. It’s a good idea to take notes or record the feedback you receive, so you can refer back to it later.


Overall, my first driving lesson was a positive experience. While there were moments of nervousness and uncertainty, I found that having a supportive and knowledgeable instructor made all the difference. If you’re just starting out on your driving journey, remember to take things slowly, stay focused and ask for help if you need it. And if you’re looking for a reliable and trusted driving instructor, be sure to check out With their vetted and DVSA-approved instructors, you can feel confident that you’re in good hands.

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